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Forgan of St Andrews OneSwing Single Length Golf Iron Set 4-PW + GW (8 Clubs)

$199.99 - $219.99

Golf is a game of consistency, and yet with every club in our bag at a different length, every single club requires a swing on a slightly different plane with slightly different arc, and for many golfers, that just breeds inconsistency.

That's why single length irons are becoming increasingly popular. But crafting a quality single length iron set isn't just a case of cutting all the clubs to the same length - we have to optimize the loft and lie of each club to give you the traditional gapping and distances you'd expect.

  • SINGLE LENGTH GOLF IRONS - Every iron in this set is the same length, meaning you can rely on one consistent swing. Hit your 4 iron with the same swing and confidence you hit your 9 iron with - because now you can hit it with the same swing.
  • EXPERTLY ENGINEERED - We've optimized the loft and lie in each club to give you consistent gapping and distances
  • BUILT FOR FORGIVENESS - The cavity back design, combined with a slight offset on the heads, helps any golfers who struggle with consistency or lose power and control to a fade or slice. 
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - Stainless steel heads give you great feel across the clubface
  • CHARACTERISTICS - High launch and a forward center of gravity position help hit straighter and longer shots with a little less spin for penetrating flight. Swing weight starts at D0 and reaches D1 at the 6 iron and up.  
  • Length - 37.25"
4 19.5° 63.5°
5 22.5° 63.5°
6 25.5° 63.0°
7 29.5° 62.5°
8 34.0° 62.5°
9 39.0° 62.5°
PW 44.0° 62.0°
GW 49.0° 61.5°
Age Group: