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Forgan of St Andrews Tour Spin 3 Golf Wedge Set 52-56-60, Mens Right Hand


Become a master of approaches with this incredible value wedge set from Forgan of St Andrews.

Featuring 3 high quality wedges, this set gives you the golf clubs you need to play those crucial scoring shots, whether you are keeping it low or flopping it up, you’ll have everything you need in your bag.

  • QUALITY WEDGE SET – Includes a 52°, 56° and 60° giving you all the tools you need to dominate the greens
  • TOUR SPIN MODEL – High spin design helps you really control your shots, giving you that zip or check on your shots that help you get it close
  • SPECS – 36” length. Fitted with Forgan steel shafts and upgraded All-Weather Forgan grips designed to give high traction even in damp or wet conditions
  • BOUNCE – 10° bounce in 52 and 56, and 12° in the 60
Stainless steel