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Young Gun Golf SGS X Junior Putter, Right Hand

$27.99 - $39.99

Young Gun is all about getting your junior off to a great start on their golfing career, and what can be more important in that than putting. This putter is built to be forgiving and easy to use, while also looking 'authentic' - seeing the same shape and style they frequently see in the hands of the pros.

  • JUNIOR GOLF PUTTER - Young Gun is known worldwide as one of the leading dedicated junior golf brands
  • HIGH MOI KIDS PUTTER - The dual wing shape has a really high MOI, which means more forgiveness and consistency. This is ideal for their improving strokes
  • ALIGNMENT AID - Help your young golfer aim in the right direction, and train an accurate putting eye for life
  • OFFSET SHAFT - Shaft/hosel is offset out of the way, providing the full putter face for putting, ideal on new and inconsistent strokes

Yellow - 3-5 years - 23" for golfers 3'2" to 3'9" tall
Blue - 6-8 years - 26" for golfers 3'10" to 4'2" tall
Red - 9-11 years - 31" for golfers 4'3" to 4'11" tall
Green - 12-14 years - 32.5" for golfers 5' to 5'5" tall

Color Putter
Yellow  3° Loft, 23"
Blue  3° Loft, 26"
Red 3° Loft, 31"
Green 3° Loft, 32.5"
Age group: