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Young Gun ZAAP Junior Kids Golf 24 Hybrid Rescue Wood

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Dedicated to making junior golf equipment, Young Gun has become one of the leading junior golf companies in the world.

The hot selling Young Gun ZAAP 24� Hybrid is a must have for any child learning golf. With the increasing number of hybrids over long irons in professional�s bags, it proves the necessity of having a hybrid over a long iron.


EASY TO USE � Replace those harder long irons with these easy-to-hit hybrid clubs
VERSATILE AND FORGIVING � Use from a wide variety of lies with more consistency that long irons
GRAPHITE SHAFTS � Lighter shafts help generate more club head speed, whilst the junior flex with a bit more flex/kick improves distance for slower swing speeds
MATCHING HEADCOVER � Keep the club safe in the color-matching headcover


Young Gun uses a pioneering color-coding system to help you find the right fit. Find the color that�s appropriate for your child, and order across the range knowing it is the same fit.

Yellow - 3-5 years - for golfers 3'2" to 3'9" tall
Blue - 6-8 years - for golfers 3'10" to 4'2" tall
Red - 9-11 years - golf golfers 4'3" to 4'11" tall
Green - 12-14 years - golf golfers 5' to 5'5" tall

Color 24� Hybrid
Yellow 24� Loft, 25�
Blue 24� Loft, 30�
Red 24� Loft, 34�
Green 24� Loft, 36�
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